New Metro Universal Mixing Bowl

Mixing bowl with spouts.
The only bowl designed for hand mixers…
Tornado-like action mixes more thoroughly with no splatter!

MixerMate Bowl is ideal for beating eggs, perfect meringue, cake and cookie batters or just making old fashioned whipped cream. Its funnel shape design enhances the beating and whipping process, mixing all ingredients thoroughly, reducing mixing time up to 30%. Its ergonomic handle design allows for easy pouring – a non-skid base prevents slipping on any surface.

  • 3-Quart Capacity

  • Ergonomic design with soft-grip under handles for control

  • Pouring spouts on all four sides

  • Tall walls prevent splatter

  • Non-Skid base prevents slipping

  • 1 Year Guarantee

Out of stock

Pickup currently unavailable at 795 North Main Street

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