Food Safety Infrared

  • Pre-set 0.97 emissivity for raw, cooked and frozen foods and lots more
  • Always-on single laser pointer for accurate targeting
  • Big digits on display makes readings easier to see
  • Gun-shape design for ease of use
  • Handy button to switch from °C to °F
  • Bright backlight for low light conditions
  • High Quality 12:1 optics
  • Max temperature visible on display

For measuring surface temps of food and a whole lot more, the Infrared Food Safety Thermometer is your go-to infrared. We've pre-set the emissivity to 0.97, within the optimal food range, so you don't have to adjust anything when measuring food in cold- and hot-holding cabinets, in reach-ins, of grill tops, during receiving or even in the freezer. The IRFS really excels with frozen food with its pre-set emissivity setting of 0.97.

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Usually ready in 24 hours

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